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How it works

1. Connect your Heroku account is fully integrated into Heroku and GitHub. Authenticate your Heroku account and choose any of your existing Heroku apps to duplicate and deploy to

You can also deploy a new app directly from any GitHub repo. step 1 step 2

2. detects the right buildpack for your project builds and deploys your app using the same buildpack recipes that Heroku does, so you can be confident your app will run correctly. This also means we support all the same languages and frameworks as Heroku.

3. Deploy to a trusted cloud, scale and save money

With one click your app is instantly deployed to the Today we offer AWS under the hood (with more clouds coming soon). You can be confident your apps will be stable and secure on a cloud you trust. Plus you benefit from autoscaling and lower cost usage based pricing.

Coming soon: Bring your own AWS

You bring the cloud (and get to take advantage of AWS's generous credits) and we manage your apps with a Heroku compatible experience. step 3

Get the best of both worlds with

Enjoy the high productivity environment that you get with an easy-to-use platform like Heroku but retain the control and robustness that you get from an Amazon or Google - the best of both worlds!

Cost optimised

High security

High availability


High developer productivity

No operational work

Highly robust platform

With all the advantages of cloud native buildpacks

At the core of are Cloud Native Buildpacks. Get all the advantages of buildpacks without any manual work.

Advanced Caching

Robust caching is used to improve performance.


Reproduces the same app image digest by re-running the build.

Modular / Pluggable

Multiple buildpacks can be used to create an app image.


Supports more than one programming language family.

Heroku Compatible

Heroku's most popular features are supported out of the box.


Leverage prod-ready buildpacks from the community.

Why not just use Heroku?

Heroku is a great managed option that removes many of the devops challenges of deployment. However, it’s only great until you start growing. As soon as you do, you’ll need something more flexible, scalable and affordable.While there’s a host of cloud providers, each come with their own unique set of devops challenges requiring you to configure tons of services to get your application gives you the simplicity and familiarity of Heroku, with the added benefit of significant cost savings and more control.